Trying to change the way you view fitness and nutrition, one podcast at a time.

The HeroFit Podcast is trying to change the way you think about fitness. Hosted by Nick Stutzman and Dan Weber,  this podcast aims to discuss various relevant fitness topics so that you can find something that works for you. No person is the same, and so no workout or diet should encapsulate everyone.

Want to get fit and become the “Hero” you always wanted to be? Listen to our podcast, we know you’ll enjoy it!

  • What Makes This Podcast Great

    As wannabe “Heroes” like most of the world, Nick and Dan aren’t genetically gifted and blessed with 6-pack abs, or pro-athlete gifts. They’re regular people with 9-5 jobs trying to find a way to stay fit, naturally, just like you.

  • Exclusive Content & Workout Tools For You

    We will employ various types of content to help you not only understand the ins and outs of fitness, the latest trends, the old standbys that work, and busting the ones that don’t.

  • The Best Fitness Brains in the Industry

    Every guest on our show will have a relevance to the topic at hand, to enhance the points made or refute what we may think is the fitness gospel.

The Hosts

Dan Weber

Formerly oft-injured athlete, track coach, & trainer. Current nutrition nerd, workout junkie, & marketer with wanderlust. INTP (if you’re into that sort of thing). Carnivore.

Nick Stutzman

NERD ALERT – Fitness enthusiast, gym class hero, and might be Batman. Wants to eat more nutritiously, but works out to counter the pizza and tacos consumption.