Hey ya’ll HeroFit’ers out there. We recently released our HeroFit Workout Playlist for you to utilize with your fitness times. It got me to thinking about my times at the gym, on the athletic field, or wherever I needed a musical motivation, and the struggle of listening to my beats without issue.

I figured I’d share my audio journey with you and make a possible recommendation.

Like most of you, I love listening to music while I’m active – it keeps me focused on the task at hand, the bass can keep your blood pumping, and the lyrics can give you inspiration to accomplish your goals.

Front view of Bose Wireless Soundsport Headphones and Case

And depending on what type of activity your performing, whether that be a dance class or yoga practice, the music can literally be apart of the stimulus.

Hate to have to even mention this, but feel like I need to say this right off the bat, anyone with wired headphones and is participating at the gym is pretending to listen to music. How can you function or even listen to music seriously? Decline bench, not with those suckers. The wire can keep catching on random things as you walk around or the weights your moving, no thanks. Moving on…

I had tried a few wireless over the ears headphones, like Beats by Dre and the ilk. And I know it’s not just me, but I don’t know how people keep these things on their heads when they are active. Or can deal with the sweat collecting in the ear cup areas.

If you’re The Rock, then I understand why you’re pimping the brand, but for everyone else without a size 10 head and the ability to purchase pair after pair of wireless over the ears, I don’t see why you waste your money. And I will say as a typical gym goer, I have seen a decrease in over the ear headphone use in the gym.

I did my research between wireless and ‘like really wireless’ (just the earbuds or in-ear) headphones, and found a few in-ear wireless headphones for the gym, and pulled the trigger. (Full disclosure – It was a while ago when I first bought them, and I am sure version 2.0 will be on the way soon) I purchased the Bose Soundsport Free Wireless headphones.

Some of the factors that went into me buying them were: Bose’s well-known sound reliability, solid battery life, chargeable case, sweat (water) resistant and that from the initial reviews they were the best to fit into your ears (so no falling out while I’m doing burpees or shooting jumpers).

The Breakdown – The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

That Good, Good Stuff – When I received them, I was stoked with the packaging and the instructions making life to setup pretty simple. I have a Pixel 3 XL and pairing with them was pretty simple.

They respond to my “Hey Google” capabilities, another plus.

The sound is excellent, as predicted, and the case is pretty advanced with 5 charges before the case is needing to be fully charged. Additionally, the headphones themselves last a solid 5 hours or so without needing to be recharged, and no one is at the gym that long…

I can adjust the sound levels and still hear people talking to me when I am working out with them.

Pretty good design, I can go all headbanger, and they stay in my ears.

Sweat doesn’t affect them and make them slippery.

I can walk away from my phone, for a pretty good 50 feet, depending on what’s in between me and my phone, and still get good connection.

I like the controls on the headphones, makes changing tracks or pausing pretty easy.

The app has Find My Buds GPS to let you know, if you lost them, where they last were which is pretty nice.

That Bad and Annoying Nonsense – If you don’t monitor the case, you can forget to charge them. Sucks when you need to use them and they don’t have any juice.

Sometimes the left bud won’t pair right away… I have to put them both back in the case as like a restart, and then put them back into my ears.

The app doesn’t alert you to when the firmware needs updates, so periodically you have to remind yourself to update them. Which can lock down your phone to just the app in order to get them updated. And the transfers take forever!

Bose wants you to use the app as a hub for listening to music and it’s just not that great of a user experience.

That Ugly Business – I liked being able to go into the sauna with my headphones and not listen to other guys making weird noises, but you can’t do that with these. They start to overheat and shut down which sucked, so no sauna for me.

Speaking of overheating, I did find a way to really overheat them and make them stop working. It was the beginning of spring, and the weather was starting to warm up. I left my jacket with my headphones in my pocket on the passenger seat of my car, not in the direct sunlight but still a pretty hot day.

Came outside and as I reached for the case I could feel the strong warmth. I opened the case and put them in front of the AC immediately, hoping nothing was wrong. Put them in my ears, and the left bud would not pair. Luckily I was still under warranty, and from what I had read from the other forums, overheating was an issue from other customers. Bose was great enough to furnish me with a new pair.box that carried the BOSE wireless soundsport headphones

I won’t lie, these headphones at the time weren’t cheap (even with a friend of a friend’s Best Buy discount). Comparatively to other wireless and truly wireless headphones, they were definitely on the high end of pricing.

You’re paying for the Bose brand, the ingenuity at the time, and I weighed the options on whether or not it was worth it. I decided in the “Treat Yo’self” philosophy and bought them, when normally I probably wouldn’t have.

Wrapping This Up

Having had them for awhile, they still have some of the issues I have mentioned above, and for real I always make sure they aren’t left near any big heat source. But through all of that, I still use them almost daily, and definitely while at the the gym.

If I had to give them a rating from 5 stars, and I was being honest, I’d give them a 3.9 out of 5, which is higher than what Bose site has for its rating.

For being the first of their generation, Bose made a solid stab and is on the right path. Few upgrades here and there, and I am sure they could get these headphones to be optimal as a workout compliment, and worth the price tag.

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