Megan doing a Pose at Raw Renewal YogaButi Yoga. We had never heard of this Yoga practice before but for the sake of the podcast, our thirst for fitness knowledge, and the spirit of trying something new, we decided to take a class anyway!

This episode starts off with your hosts musing about what their Buti Yoga class will be like, and not sounding ignorant at all while doing so… Then we talk with the informative and entertaining Megan Castlevetere, owner of Raw Renewal Yoga in Buffalo NY, where we discuss our experience at the class as well as the philosophy behind Yoga, and the Buti practice specifically.

Get your throat chakras ready with a couple of asanas then take a listen!

If you want to learn more about Megan and her studio follow @mcastlevetere and @RawRenewalYoga on Instagram or visit their website. She also partners with Candice Cinquino and Be Full On for events and does Yoga/Barre retreats with BarreCentric.


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