Quarter Deck Athletics LogoIt’s not everyday you can get your strength, endurance, and cardio tested in one workout, but when we stopped at Quarter Deck Athletics, we certainly got it all.

We took a class with coach, Shana Maldonado, who took us through the CrossFit paces – stretches, deadlifts, running, and more. By the end, we were definitely sweating profusely and had a great workout.

Then we sat down with Shana and owner/coach Dr. Dennis Lesniak to talk about our experience, what it takes to be successful in CrossFit, and how the QDA community stays strong.Dennis Lesniak performing CrossFit exercises

Shana and Dennis also talked about how important nutrition is to their workouts, as Shana has developed her own food prep service, Built Without Guilt.

Looking to dip your feet into CrossFit, maybe try it out and see how it can improve your fitness, then take a listen to this podcast today!

Crossfit woman performing a snatch exercise Follow our guests with the links below.

Dennis: @quarterdeckathletics
Shana: @shna_mldndo

…and shout out to @healthyhumanproject

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