Dan and Kara doing a handstand
Dan trying to hold a handstand long enough for Nick to snap a photo. Kara making it look easy!

Free Soul’s tagline is “motivation in motion.” And so Nick and Dan set out to meet the person behind the Free Soul philosophy, Owner and dancer Kara Mann.

We had expectations of what we thought the class might be like, you’ll hear that first. Then we sit down with Kara afterwards to discuss the adventure we had.

Taking a class, the guys got to explore why dance is solid choice for those looking to try something different for their fitness needs, and that even if you aren’t a great dancer – you can still be successful at this experience.

Give this episode a listen, and gain a little insight about what can motivate you to move in new ways!

Want to follow Kara and learn more about her studio? Visit her website at freesouldance.com or follow her on Instagram @kmdancer24 or @freesouldancewny.

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