Collage of Dr. Fink in various workoutsIn this episode, Nick and Dan interviewed Dr. Kelsey Fink, owner of Muscle Up Wellness & Recovery in Rochester, NY.

In getting know to more about Dr. Fink’s background, the guys learned how a former college athlete got into Physical Therapy as a career, and at the same time became a Crossfit, Powerlifting and Bodybuilding competitor.

The human body is a wicked cool machine, and interviewing someone who is capable of finding success in all three of those physical aspects, but also utilizes that fitness knowledge in order to better accommodate her physical therapy clients, is quite the feat.

Take a listen to the podcast because Kelsey is full of information, and we know you’ll enjoy the conversation!

Back profile of Dr. Kelsey Fink for bodybuilding

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“I am a physical therapy trained professional who loves working in the movement wellness aspect of health. I evaluate individuals’ movement patterns, assess their imbalances in movement and strength, devise a plan to help bring their body to a more “normal” balance in hopes to minimize risk of injury while doing the activities they love. In my plan, I combine hands-on work with myself in the office and a self improvement program for outside of the office. My goal is to create long-lasting changes by working with the neuromusculoskeletal system through relaxation of a stressed system, then stimulation of the body (including but not limited to the tissues, joints, and sensory systems) to create a safer sense of movement. Then, I educate individuals on how to maintain those new changes on their own to create improvement in their overall movement wellness.” . New ramblings up on the site! Thank you again to everyone for making my first 2 weeks so successful! I cannot wait to see what this first year brings! <3 <3 . . #muscleuppt #physicaltherapy #grastontechnique #cuppingtherapy #wellness #movement #health #fitness #athlete #crossfit #powerlifting #strongman #bodybuilding #rehab #prehab

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