If you’ve listened to past episodes you may have noticed we like to learn from different trainers/experts and experiment with different workouts and diets to see what works for us. And in turn help you find things that might work for you.

In this episode we review of some exercises and workout ideas that we’ve been playing with this year, from a sampling of our favorite fitness experts. This webpage is an important companion with videos below that you can learn from and try out as well!

Without further ado:

The Experts That Influence Us:

Lee Boyce

Let’s start with the video we saw on T-Nation where he was coaching Dani Shugart. It includes some helpful Bench Press & Dumbbell Row Queues:


We also appreciate his instagram content! Here is a sampling of the posts we referenced in the podcast audio:

Chinese Planks with a Pullover


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I’ve posted about CHINESE PLANKS before, thanks to my boy @dr.joelseedman_ahp and his wonderful ideas. _ Adding a PULLOVER pattern creates even more bang for your buck with this exercise, since by doing so you add anti extension into the mix from a force imposed from the anterior side. _ As your arms move further over your head, the propensity will be to extend the lumbar spine, and it asks a whole lot of the abdominals to brace and keep the spine neutral, the hips from dropping, and the stomach from flaring. _ No need to be a hero. Focusing on a SLOW tempo with lighter weight (I’m lifting a 45lb dumbbell) is the way to go. What matters most is the time you spend under tension – not the weight you lift. _ Pull over like T.I. _ #strengthtraining #bodybuilding #coreworkout #coretraining #absworkout #abs #abstraining #abtraining #plank #chineseplank #pullovers #strengthandconditioning #healthyspine #glutes #hamstrings #backworkout

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Fisherman Rows


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Fisherman row on the left, classic setup single arm DB row on the right. _ I’m a fan of BOTH movements, but the truth is, in the case of the DB row, there’s an easy habit that many lifters fall into: That of PULLING ACROSS THE BODY. _ This doesn’t do much good for the lifter – especially since it encourages plenty of rotation from the lumbar region and can wreak havoc on cats with back problems. Aside from that, the force is no longer fully matching the target muscles. In other words, you’re wasting some energy. _ The reason I prefer the fisherman row is because since both feet are up, it makes it much easier to pull straight and keep a stable, neutral hip position overall. That’s key for spine stability. If you haven’t tried fisherman rows, you’ll notice a much more direct hit for the upper back by making these modifications. Each rep, I like adding a slight turn with the dumbbell to make it more user-friendly. _ Look straight down like Timon. _ #rows #backworkout #backday #backdayworkout #backtraining #upperbodyworkout #hypertrophy #bodybuilding #strengthtraining #strengthandconditioning #healthyspine #upperback #posture #seatedrow #dumbbellrow

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Dr. John Rusin

Dan attended his Pain Free Performance Specialist Certification seminar in NYC at Solace. If you’re interested in attending one yourself keep tabs on the upcoming cities and dates by referring back to his website or following him on social media!

As for the content we appreciated lately…

Banded Landmine Presses


Landmine Deadlifts


Strapped Front Squats


Jeff Cavaliere

Read his bio (link above) then check out his Youtube channel.

Face Pulls, from the ground


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So the other day I posted from my back doing a biceps exercise. Today it’s a better face pull! Here’s why!! One of the most important components of the face pull is the external rotation at the shoulder. When done standing, most people tend to miss this by letting the elbows get back but forgetting to get the hands back too. Here, the floor will tell on you if you do it wrong! The goal is to touch BOTH your thumbs and your elbows to the floor on every rep! Next, keep them there for a count of 2-3 to ensure that you didn’t just use momentum to get in that position. Give this a try! There’s no better insurance policy for your shoulders than a few sets of face pulls – OFTEN! Get to it… #thememesaretrue #iheartfacepulls #youshouldtoo #shoulders #mobility #stability #externalrotation #mustdo #trainlikeanathlete #teamathlean #athleanx #jeffcavaliere

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Face Pulls with an Overhead Press Up


The “No Money Strict Curl Hold” (against the wall)


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If you’re going to curl (which I think you should) then why not get MORE out of them? This is how you do that. The “No Money Strict Curl Hold”! 1.) So first…the strict curl portion. Performing these planted firmly against a wall prevents unwanted momentum and forces the biceps to do the work rather than the delts. 2.) The “No Money” portion requires that you touch the outside of the dumbbell to the wall at the top of every rep. This requires external shoulder rotation and rotator cuff activation (always a good thing!) 3.) The “Hold” portion requires that you KEEP the dumbbell pressed hard against the wall the entire time the opposite dumbbell is going through its motion. This adds an additional isometric for the cuff that further fortifies its function and helps to improve rounded shoulder posture over time. The combination of these 3 actions makes this a “must-do” if direct arm training is part of your current plan. The multi-functional approach makes it a better option for those looking for more out of their curls than just a pump (though – these do make my arms feel like their going to explode!). Let the gains begin!! Give these a try! 👊🏻👊🏻 #biceps #popgoesthebiceps #curls #trythis #timeundertension #mmmpop #gains #armworkout #athleanx #teamathlean #jeffcavaliere

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Christian Thibaudeau

Years ago Dan learned this exercise from him. One of his favorite movements for upper body and traps work.

Snatch Grip High Pull

Bonus: The day we posted this our man Lee Boyce posted another version using the Trap Bar that CT approved!



Visit https://thibarmy.com/test/neurotyping-test/ to learn more or purchase the test.



Nick enjoyed his Zercher Squat and Bench Press Article as an attempt at minimalist training when balancing work, sports, and more. Speaking of that, see the article two spots below.


Eric Bach

Check out his Rest Pause Training Sets Article that Nick was fond of.


Ellington Darden

Here’s the 30-10-30 Training Concept (negatives/eccentrics focus + Time Under Tension [TUT]) that Dan was doing during a very busy time.


Katie Crewe

The Instagram post that inspired some of Nick’s at-home routine:

Katie’s Recent Birthday Workout


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Birthday workout (a day late)! Every year I like to celebrate by feeling leg and lung pain 💁🏼‍♀️😂. Do I recommend this kind of volume normally? No. But I went in with the intention of kicking my own 🍑…and definitely did 🙈. – If you want to try, this would be a very decent full body workout but I’d reduce the reps to maybe 10 per exercise each circuit 👊🏻. – 🔻25 half bodyweight goblets 🔻25 push-ups 🔻25 kettlebell swings 🔻25 chin-ups (banded) 🔻100 seconds weighted plank Repeat 4x – I specifically chose exercises that are compound movements but where I’m not handling super heavy weight to avoid potentially injurious situations if my form starts to really break down (but honestly I stop and rest before that point). – Because it’s full body, I chose a squat movement (goblet squats), a push (push-ups), pull (chin-ups), hinge (kb swings), and a core exercise (weighted plank). – I broke down the 100 reps of each exercise into 4 sets. I tried to do all 25 but if I needed a break, I took one, like with the chin-ups…every time 😝. Actually this took WAY longer than I anticipated. Apparently my conditioning is trash (and/or I’m overly ambitious) 😂. – Ps thank you so so much for the birthday wishes. You’re all so wonderful 🙈💗 🎵Oliver Heldens & Lenno – This Groove

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Dr. Jacob Harden

Listen to our podcast with him to learn some things about using Autoregulation and Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) in your training!

Below you will also find links to listen to it on other apps, read the episode transcript, or play right here with the embedded video:

Stream on YouTube:



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