Dr. Tamara Kung Delivering Healthy FoodWe learned very quickly in our interview Naturopathic Doctor, Tamara Kung, about the recipe to Urban Foraging, ways to optimize our health, and she gave us a lot to “chew” about when it came to diet and nutrition.

Growing up in Vancouver, and seeing how her grandfather was treated by his physicians – not feeling a connection to the patient, gave her the idea to pursue medicine. Coupled with her love of cooking for her friends, she took a dive into alternative medicine and found naturopathy!

In this episode, we discuss how not every diet is the same for everyone, how to eat, sleep, breathe, move, and discuss her Urban Foraging project. Plus what she looks forward to doing in her old age (hint: it’s kite surfing!).

Picture of a soup from Dr. Tamara Kung

Want to learn more from Dr. Kung? Go see her “Urban Forager” project at her website, follow @just_a_tspoon on Instagram, and check out her recipes page for ideas on some healthy eats. Also, visit Cadence Health Centre to book an appointment or free 15 minute consultation. She also has a monthly blog with her best girlfriends/colleagues.

As always, listen to the episode using the player in the banner on this page or find us on your favorite app.


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