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When I first started hitting the gym again and trying to get back into fitness for my health, I was trying a lot of different exercises to see what would work. I knew there were parts I wanted to work on (shoulders, back, and core) but didn’t exactly know how to go about making those muscles shine again.

After awhile of doing my own thing with minimal results, I spent some time with a friend of mine (Ricky), who had created a few weekly programs and it seemed to be doing wonders for him. We had dedicated muscle days, i.e. shoulder day, chest day, which seemed pretty normal to me. And within these days, we had a variety of exercises that worked pretty well in targeting and engaging the muscles – and I started feeling better about my time spent in the gym, seeing multiple improvements, and gains.

But over time, as we increased the amount of weight we might be lifting or pulling, my left shoulder started feeling like it wasn’t recovering correctly from my actions at the gym, and when I would shoulder press specifically, I started feeling a clicking type pain.

After talking to a few experts about the body and muscles, I found out my shoulder was being impinged and inflamed from a previous injury I sustained about a decade ago. I didn’t want to give up the shoulder press or regress from the gains I had made, so I needed to find a solution.

I was perusing Instagram one fine evening after the gym and was targeted by an ad from Sidekick Tool and their muscle reliever products. The ad spoke to my issues, so I clicked on it to see what they had to offer.

I was intrigued by the Sidekick Curve Muscle Reliever, and the promise that it “relaxes your muscles, preventing injuries that could put you on the sideline. For those already suffering from injuries, the Curve promotes healing, and gets you back training faster.” 225 reviews with a 4.5 star rating seemed promising, and a free Mint Emollient Balm included was a pretty solid deal.

Sidekick Curve Muscle Reliever KitPerfect! This tool was exactly what I was looking for. Something to help with muscle recovery and to increase the range of mobility in my shoulder again. The balm would help with the process, and there is a Sidekick University (which is something to be desired with more videos) helped to understand the tools’ uses and effects.

I ordered my Curve with the “Competitor” package – including the carry case and cleaning towel for $60, plus $3 for the One Year Warranty as the Curve is a stone that can break, so with such cheap coverage, I figured why not go with it to be safe.

My Curve was delivered in about 5 days and I got right to work on seeing how to use it properly.

The YouTube video from the University, “Sidekick Muscle Relief tools – How to use them and WHY” was fairly informative with some key points to adhere.

  • While using the tool on the affected areas, let the tool do the work. Apply firm pressure, and work the muscle in different angles.
  • The balm is helpful to warm up the muscle tissue and lubricates the tool as to not pull on the skin and create an irritation.
  • Only apply the tool to certain areas every other day, as to get proper relief.
  • Redness of the skin is a good thing, means the tool is working.
  • And finally, use the different areas of the stone on the proper locations of the body as per the image below.

Curve Instructional Image For Usage

I recommend checking out the tool cleaning video as well, to preserve the life of the stone and why it’s important to clean it.

Even after the first treatment to my shoulder, I could immediately feel some relief from my ailments. After my workouts, my muscles are relaxed. My upper shoulder muscle (acromion) didn’t feel as stiff, or impinged, and I was able to do some lighter weight shoulder presses again.

I also used the tool on different areas, such as my pectorals, quads and triceps. After solid days of volume sets, those muscles would be swollen (in a good way) and the Curve helped mightily with the recovery.

So after a few weeks since I purchased the Curve muscle scraper, I can confidently say my shoulder and other muscles have seen positive effects. I have been able to perform various shoulder presses now without issue. Even when it does become inflamed, the Curve counteracts the inflammation and immediately I feel range again.

For the average fitness “Hero” I highly recommend this tool for your pre and post-workout recoveries, and I have seen similar feedback from those I have seen purchase the Curve from my recommendation.

If you’re interested in picking up the Curve muscle scraper or any of the products from Sidekick, click here for a 10% discount on any purchase or use coupon code “herofit10” at checkout!

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